Wind and free car stickers

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How to use the stickers

Paste method:

[dry stick method] feather scratch stick, fuel tank stick, bumper stick and other small stickers

The sticker is similar to the mobile phone sticker, which is divided into three layers. First turn the sticker upside down and then uncover the bottom line (uncover a corner, hold the transfer membrane with your left hand,

The right hand slowly uncover the bottom film), after the uncover, the car sticker to the position of the good side and then slowly catch up to the other side, after smooth and then put the top

Remove the transfer membrane.

The wet patch method is applicable to side door stickers and other auto stickers over 25cm

Tools: watering can, clean cloth, scraper (or bank card), art knife, blower.

1. Cleaning: clean the body parts to be pasted;

2. Spray water: spray water with a spray bottle on the part of the car body to be pasted.

3. Turn the sticker upside down and put it in a flat place. Scrape the sticker several times with a small scraper or bank card

Live transfer film is not moving, the right hand slowly open the bottom film (tips: with the transfer not up, with the fingernail scraping – scraping can be)

4, paste: set a good position, paste from one side, and then use the scraper slowly to paste to the other side;

5. After the general position of the graph is confirmed to be correct, use the scraper to repeatedly remove water and bubbles. Do not hold the scraper vertically when using the scraper;

After sticking, again and again scrape and press several times, tear away the transfer film. (open the backing paper without transfer film and paste directly)

Note: 1. Try not to expose to the sun within 24 hours, and do not wash your car within 48 hours (the newly attached stickers will definitely not withstand the washing of the high-pressure water gun in the car wash shop)

2. The number 92, 93, 95 and 97 is attached to part of the model [fuel tank sticker]. When pasting, cut off the extra number and paste the main part

Later, I will paste one of the Numbers 2, 357 according to the oil type of my car.

3. How to distinguish the pros and cons:

Touch with the hand, raised is the front; Open – an Angle, the transfer film has viscosity, for the front, the bottom film has no viscosity, for the back.

Weight 220.0 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 150 in

White, Black


20×7.3cm, 40x15cm, 30x11cm

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