12V24V oil pumping pump

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Product Description

Power type: AC power
Power supply voltage: DC12V /24V
Power: as shown in figure (W)
Scope of application: as shown
Specification: 128*85*81mm
Series: Pumping

matters needing attention
1. Do not use the machine to pump gas, paraffin, gasoline or other flammable liquids.
2. Confirm whether the power supply is consistent with the voltage of oil pump before use.
3. The power supply of DC oil pump can be divided into (+) (-) pole, and the red line is the positive pole, otherwise the oil pump will not be able to output oil in reverse direction
4. Pay attention to the slight vibration of the oil pump during use to keep the machine safe.
5. Make sure your car doesn’t stop on the sloping ground, otherwise it’s impossible to inhale.
6. Do not start the engine during operation
7. Do not pump hot oil or when the engine is running, the engine must be completely cooled.
8. The oil inlet pipe and joint can not be locked to ensure the suction range, ensure the cleanness of the oil and ensure the smooth use of the oil pump
9. The working time of oil pump extraction shall not exceed 30 minutes. After working for 30 minutes, the oil well pump shall rest and cool down

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Weight 920.0 oz
Dimensions 208 × 183 × 92 in

24v, 12v

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