ATTITUDE to car stickers

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Material selection :PVC reflective film

I take out the sticker you received, find the front of the sticker, but don’t just tear it off. This is

Incorrect operation mode [illustration of incorrect operation in figure 2]

must place the sticker on a flat surface. Be sure to uncover the backing paper from the back

Since the transfer membrane is to be torn and thrown away after the sticker construction is completed, the viscosity is limited

If the transfer membrane in the figure above is not pasted with the sticker, it can be as in the figure above —

Press hard with your finger – down, or cover the transfer membrane with your finger back and forth

Draw back and forth – the next part of the pattern, and then start to open the transfer film, do not jump the gun!

After removing the sticker in the correct way, the pattern is glued to the transfer membrane

 first paste the 1-edge of the sticker and then use hard CARDS such as scratchboard or bank card

Evenly scraping to the other side, paste must wait for the order of evenly scraping, otherwise easy to produce bubbles

After making sure the paste is even, slowly tear off the transfer film, paste the finished effect as shown in the figure above

After the sticker is pasted, it is recommended not to clear the vehicle within 24 hours.

Weight 40.0 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 100 in

Red, White, Yellow, Blue, A laser color, Black



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