Bicycle electric car hot wheels colorful nozzle lights car motorcycle nozzle lamp

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Product Description

Material: light alloy, silver plated
Line: Intelligent sensing system
Model: colorful

Bicycle hot wheels: 3 AG10 batteries in each case

Features: Colorful light. The price of a pair.
Smart Sensing: Only when the car/bicycle turns the wheel; it only lights up at night or when the light is dim. Maximize energy savings.

Convenient and safe: Just tighten the hot wheels on the tire’s valve; the seven-colored halo greatly improves the safety of your night driving.

Applicable models: cars, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles.

First, when installing the battery, be sure to turn the battery down (the positive side of the word is positive). Be sure to put the battery inside the black insulation holster inside, do not expose it, otherwise the battery and the metal short of the lamp housing will cause the battery. The discharge is hot and there will be no electricity for a few minutes. Second, after the battery is placed, be careful when twisting the lamp head. Make sure that the spring in the notch on the side of the lamp head is in good contact with the metal base (for example, if the spring is too far inside, you can pull it out manually, but be sure to be light! ), when twisting the lamp head, the screw must be aligned, the lamp head and the lamp shell are balanced, do not screw hard, do not harden, otherwise it is easy to cause different buckles, and try not to screw down many times, otherwise it will easily cause the screw to fall off.

Product Description: Cool and exquisite hot wheels, consisting of light control circuit, dynamic sensing circuit and lighting circuit. Independent circuit design, no need to change or connect the circuit itself. Installed on the valve of the car tires, as long as the car starts to move at night, it will emit a charming aura with the vibration of the tire. At the same time, it has a waterproof function. When the speed reaches a certain speed, the highlight will form a complete circle.

Battery installation precautions! ! Be sure to watch before installation! !

Battery assembly:

This hot wheels are made of three AG10 batteries.

Please correct the positive and negative poles when installing, and twist the lamp head carefully.

As shown in the figure, the side with lettering is positive.

There is also a + mark on the positive pole

Weight 30.0 oz

Red, BLUE, GREEN, Multi color


1pc, 2pcs, 1pcs

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