Bicycle seat cushion

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Product Description

S01 Inflatable Racing、S03 mountain inflatable model、A05 luxury large sofa

Shock absorber ball / soft and hard to adjust

Suitable models: battery car, road bike, folding bike, mountain bike, bicycle universal

Suitable for sitting tube: one-piece sitting tube, split sitting tube dual-purpose type

Category: Front cushion
Suitable for: Mountain
  Inflatable cushions, inflatable, deflated, free to choose soft and hard
Luxury large sofa bicycle wide cushion: soft, reflective, shockproof, breathable, dirt-resistant, so let the butt leisurely, such as sitting in the clouds ~  

A05: 27*19*11CM
S03 :30*22*10CM

Weight 600.0 oz

S03 Black, A5 Red, A5 White, S03 Blue, S01 Green, S01 Red, A5 Black, S03 Green, A5 Green, S01 Blue, S01 Black

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