Car air purifier

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Product Description

Product model: KQ-20

1. The primary filter can filter large diameter particles such as hair, pollen and dust floating in the air.
2. High-efficiency filter (HEPA) can filter fine particles as small as 0.3um such as microorganisms, viruses and PM2.5.
3. Equipped with a high-mesh activated carbon filter, which can efficiently adsorb toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
4. Using high-quality fans, large air volume and low noise, with PWM auto-start function and three-speed wind speed adjustment function.
5. The built-in negative ion generator can continuously produce high concentration of negative ion oxygen.
6. A variety of working modes can be switched by one button, the operation is simple and fast, the color LED indicates the wind speed switching, and the status is clear and clear.
7. 5V power supply and USB universal interface make your use more convenient.
8. Start with the car, turn on the car’s power automatically start the machine, eliminating tedious operations.
9. Designed according to the position of the cup holder in the car, it is very convenient to use and install.

Rated voltage: DC5V
Maximum power: ≤3W
Applicable space: ≤3m3
Maximum air volume: 25m³ / H
Maximum noise: ≤50dB

Product size: Ø74 × 196mm  

Weight 330.0 oz
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 in

White with 2Filter, White

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