Car black mesh screen sunshade sunscreen anti-mosquito window cover side curtain sun gear

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L 75x45cm: suitable for medium-sized compact cars or hatchbacks

XL 80x50cm: suitable for SUV off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles

Black polyester mesh car sun side block (pair)
The installation is simple, it can be directly placed on the rear side window door. This is mainly used as the rear window side block, because the sunshade effect is very good, it will affect the driving in front, it is more suitable for the rear child sunshade, all-round shading. It can be used in the front window when parking. When using it, the window can be shaken and ventilated. When going out to camp at night, it can prevent mosquitoes and have the following effects:
1. Keep the temperature inside the car cool and comfortable
2. Isolation of ultraviolet light and high temperature radiation can prevent the interior parts from fading due to exposure to sunlight.
3. The mesh side file is double-mounted and placed on both sides of the glass at any time to effectively reflect and block the conduction of heat energy and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle.
4. Unique design completely covers the window
5. Easy to install and save
6. The driving process is safer and more heat-dissipating.
7. Environmental protection: reduce the volatilization of harmful substances in the car. Reduce the harm to the human body

Car sunshade black gauze sunscreen insulation side window sunshade car sun block factory direct

Weight 120.0 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



XL, 110X55cm, L, 100X54cm

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