Car emergency start power charging treasure

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Product Description

Ultra-thin car emergency start power
Model: D-027
Battery type: Power polymer battery (three strings 386888)
Nominal capacity: 10000mAh
Input voltage and current: 5V/2A
Output voltage and current: 5V/2A
Size: 139*79*17mm
Weight: 228g
Scope of application: laptop, mobile phone, PSP, tablet, MP4, PMP, GPS, etc.
Battery display: Tap the touch switch to display the remaining battery power.
Four major selling points:
1: With a strong light flashlight function.
2: Full LED display, very technical sense.
3: The surface of the shell cloth has a stronger feel and better scratch resistance.
4: With car emergency ignition function, escort for you

Weight 260.0 oz

white, Blue, Black

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