Car gear lever dust cover 2 piece set

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Product Description

material  : Fiber leather
Product description Fiber leather is the best of artificial leather, leather and leather is very similar. It belongs to a kind of new developed synthetic leather in the high-grade leather. Because of its wear-resisting, cold resistant, breathable, ageing resistance, texture is soft and beautiful wait for an advantage, has become a choice instead of natural leather. Fiber skin surface layer is similar to natural leather surface structure of the polyurethane layer of subbase is using superfine fiber non-woven fabric, its structure and very similar to natural leather reticular layer, thus fiber leather and natural leather has a very similar structure and performance.



Color: Black + Red Strap,black + white Strap

Use range: the diameter of the handbrake sleeve is less than 3.5cm, the diameter of the gear sleeve is less than 4.5cm. (Due to personal differences, the dimensions are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail)

Weight 80.0 oz
Dimensions 130 × 80 × 50 in

Red, White

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