Car perfume

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Product Description

Function: Remove odor, remove formaldehyde
material: metal
Shape: round

Shell size: diameter ≈81mm, thickness ≈23mm
Main ingredients: French spices

installation steps:
01. Peel off the base glue and stick firmly
02.Unscrew the base counterclockwise.
03. Add Aromatherapy Tablets
04. Replace the cover and the installation is complete.

Replenishment method:

01. Unscrew the aroma cover counterclockwise to reveal the aroma sheet
02. Drop the essential oil on the fragrance tablet, wait for absorption, and recycle.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount and drop it on the fragrance sheet.
Note: Only applicable to incense tablets, please do not contact with other substances, please keep away from fire sources, and avoid children

To avoid) L children eat by mistake, avoid using in eyes, mouth.

Weight 100.0 oz
Dimensions 150 × 200 × 80 in

Silver, White, Dark green, Light black, Black, Green

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