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Product Description

product description:
Special car sun visor high-grade all-side side window car sun visor, exquisite and perfect streamlined design, fully taking into account the noise generated by the car during driving to reduce the wind. Even if it rains, it can be freely ventilated, making the car more comfortable and unique. This car sun visor is suitable for all types of vehicles listed below, please indicate your model at the time of purchase.
Material: Acrylic plastic carbon sheet
Colour: Black
Specifications: 4 pieces / set – special car type

nstructions for use:
This car sun visor adhesive is imported 3M adhesive, easy to paste.
Note Please choose to install on a sunny day. Always clean the paste position with a cleaning agent before installation and press it for a while. Do not wash the car within three days.
If it is colder weather, please use a hair dryer to bake slightly to maintain the softness and viscosity of the gel.

Installation Notes:
1. Surface cleaning: When installing the car sun visor, the surface should be kept absolutely clean and dry. Generally, the cloth can be cleaned with 50% alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone or toluene solution. The solvent must be thoroughly applied before it can be pasted.
2. Product pasting: Before the car sun visor is pasted, the product should be placed in the required installation position. After confirming the position of the product installation, remove the red film and paste it. Avoid contact between the finger and the rubber surface during operation. After the product is pasted, it must be pressed hard to ensure sufficient contact and wetting of the rubber surface.

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