Colorful valve light

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[name] colorful wheel lights
[Model] lamp beads colorful double sense
[Material] Light alloy, silver plated
[line] intelligent sensing system


[Power] with 3 AG10 button batteries, (if you need a spare battery to shoot)

The battery is in the lamp body! Get it right and use it! (This price is for one price)

“Wind Wheel” is a dynamic flashing ornament for the development of “car, motorcycle, electric car, bicycle” wheels;
● No need to change or connect the circuit of the car itself, and tighten it on the valve of the car wheel;
●Do not flash when parking, when the car moves at night, you can form a bright and complete aura at a lower speed, the color is cool seven colors;



1. This hot wheels can be installed on American cars, motorcycles, electric cars and mountain bikes. Unscrew the insulation paper before use.

2. If the bicycle is a British air nozzle, it can be converted and used with the matching adapter. This hot wheels are equipped with a valve transfer interface, which is suitable for the British and American air nozzles.
3. The battery installation must be positive (the side with the word is positive), the battery is placed in the black insulation holster, do not expose, otherwise the battery and the lamp shell metal short circuit will cause the battery to discharge heat, a few minutes will be no electricity.
4. After the battery is installed, align the screw, the lamp head is flush with the lamp housing, carefully turn the lamp cap and fix it on the valve of your car.


Weight 40.0 oz
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 58 in

Silver, Silver3pcs, Silver2pcs

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