Fashionable Reflective Mechanical Chassis Car Sticker

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Product Description

  Product information:    

Sticker use: front gear/rear gear/body
Sticker material: PVC

  Size Information:  

Sticker size: 25cmX 6cm 

Notes for posting;
1. Try to choose to post car stickers when it is sunny
2. Please do not wash the car within 48 hours after posting
Be careful and careful when tearing the bottom of the car
4. Wipe clean the area to be pasted before using the sticker and keep a dry operating environment
3. Some non-engraving stickers have no transfer film, just tear off the bottom paper and paste it


Weight 300.0 oz
Dimensions 270 × 80 × 30 in

CStyle, E Style, A Style, B Style, D Style

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