Front middle net trim strip

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Description Installation guide: Please check the installation method before buying: It is recommended to operate on sunny days, high temperatures or when you do not need to use the car at night.

1. First clean the edge of the wheel hub. Clean the place to be placed and make sure the surface is free of dust, water and oil. The surface of the cube does not contain sticky powder, and the handle is also cleaned to prevent the powder from sticking to the sticky surface.

2. Use a hair dryer to heat the entire roll. Heat until the strips are smooth and make them wake up. The function of heating paste is to use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. After heating, the rubber surface expands and sticks, and the cooling shrinks immediately to produce adhesive force.

Note: Do not use a high-pressure water gun within 24 hours (not exceeding 80-100 yards) to compensate and drive the excessively high speed, everything will be normal after 48 hours!

Purpose: middle net trim strip
Size: 40 * 4 * 1 (mm)
Color: Red
Model: lg167

Weight 520.0 oz
Dimensions 420 × 100 × 60 in


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