Logo Light Led Rear Logo Sticker Lamp Tail light

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[Size] Diameter 11CM
Power Supply:DC12V+/-10%
[Wiring length] 0.6 meters

[Power] 2 (W) [Voltage] 12 (V) [Current] 0.1 (A)

[Tools prepared before installation]

Please prepare the following tools before starting: 1. Flat-head screwdriver 2. Phillips screwdriver 3. Insulating tape 4. Towel 5. Pliers

【Installation Notes】

1. First lay a towel next to the logo of the tail box, and use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the logo. The towel is to prevent the car from being scratched.

2. Pay attention to peel off the double-sided tape from the car body first, use moderate force when prying, don’t pry it too hard, pry it off slowly, and clean the car logo and the double-sided tape on the body.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the partition inside the tail box, pay attention to some parts of the clip, be careful to remove the sound insulation board to see all kinds of lines.

4. Now let’s install the beacon light again. The power cord of the beacon light passes through one of the logo positioning holes, and penetrates into the car box. Remove the single-sided glue on the back of the beacon light. tight.

5. The beacon lights are installed, now connect to the power supply. The car beacon light should be connected to the power supply of the rear license plate light, so that when the night light is turned on, the car beacon light will also be turned on at the same time. Find the power connector of the rear license plate light.

6. First unplug the plug, strip each of the positive and negative poles to expose the core of the wire, press red to red, and black to black to connect the wires. Don’t forget to wrap it with insulating tape, and finally plug the plug back in again! Reinstall the sound insulation board of the tail box cover.

Weight 200.00 oz
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 50 in

Red, White, Blue

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