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Product accessories: two headphones + one audio output cable
Product material: plastic
Product selling points: Can listen to mp3, CD, cassette player and other sound sources, can talk back and forth, let us in the high-speed line can be as clear as ordinary speech. Sing the hearts of two people in flight! When traveling by motorcycle, the communication between the front and rear occupants of the same vehicle will be affected due to reasons such as fast speeds and the blocking of the helmet. This will not only affect the quality of travel, but also cause many problems such as safety. A motorcycle intercom can effectively solve the above problems and make your journey easy and pleasant! Some girls do n’t like riding motorcycles because they wear hard hats, except that their hair will be disturbed, and they ca n’t hear clearly through the helmet. This motorcycle front and back intercom is a savior for our car friends to chat in front and back! The two-way intercom on the front and rear of the motorcycle is a wired, button-free call. There is a host with a belt clip, this machine has two volume adjustment switches, with two headset jacks and a sound source input hole (the sound source input hole can be connected to CD Walkman, MP3, mobile phones and fleet radios, Source).
Product advantages: 1. Clear sound quality.
2, using environmentally friendly PU wire, strong and durable.
3, with work indicator, two 唛 with independent volume control switch, you can better adjust the volume.
4. Earphone with sponge cover, the sound quality is clear and audible.
5, audio output cable, can be connected to MP3 or mobile phone, listening to songs, so that your journey is no longer boring
Product use: It is mainly used for dialogue with the car. It is suitable for many people wearing helmets, exercising at high speed, or exercising in noisy urban areas. The use of this product can effectively solve the problem of drivers needing to turn their heads frequently due to unclear dialogue, which improves the safety of driving! Make your journey more laughter and laughter! At the same time, it is equipped with a dedicated cable for connecting audio equipment such as MP3, so that you can enjoy music while driving.
Installation method: Just install two AAA batteries and use it, this product is very power saving. Remove the battery if not used for a long time.undefined





Weight 140.0 oz
Dimensions 170 × 260 × 30 in


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