Red and blue S2 suction cup strobe light 16LED strobe light

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Product Description

Material: Aluminum
Place of Origin: Guangzhou
Power: 16 (W)
Voltage: 12 (V)
Current : 1 (A)
Color : red and blue
Model : S2 16 lights
Applicable models: General
Fit model: All
Matching relationship: applicable

Main functions and installation methods:

       1. Voltage: 12VDC.

       2. Features:

           1), 18 different selection flash modes have a button, one button cycle mode.

           2), good sealing performance; anti-dust; anti-collision; anti-splash; directly sucked on the glass of the front or rear gear, safe and reliable. Beautiful appearance, a variety of flashing methods to meet your diverse needs.

          3) High brightness: 10000-12000MCD, brighter, more effective than standard LED flash, visibility up to 1/4 mile.

          4), remember the mode used last time.

      3, energy saving: the use of 3w high power lamp column.

      4. Safety: 12V safety voltage, double insulation, no damage to the human body in rainwater.

      5. Longevity: The service life of the light source is 50,000-100,000 hours.

      6. Usage: The lamp is directly sucked on the front windshield. The cigarette lighter plug can be plugged in.

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