Silicone Car Seat Cushion Car Cushion Breathable Silicone Massage Physiotherapy Cushion

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The cushion is designed according to the shape of the human hip and is made of modern high-tech materials and environmentally friendly silicone materials. It can effectively eliminate the numbness and fatigue caused by long-term sitting posture and pressure on the blood vessels, relieve the body pressure caused by the imbalance of sitting posture, improve the balance of the human body, keep the blood vessels of the human buttocks and legs smooth, and promote blood circulation and metabolism of the lower limbs. Applicable to office workers, white-collar workers, students, drivers, and other sedentary people. How to use: Place directly on the car seat or on the chair in the home office.
Features: 3D health massage cushion, ventilation, anti-work massage, continue to escort your health. The soft tool has strong elasticity, no deformation, no cracking, long service life, and universal use in four seasons. The three-step cleaning is simple, quick, and worry-free.

Product size: 43*43cm
Material: environmentally friendly pure silica gel Beautiful, simple and elegant, stylish, bright colors highlight your noble.
Performance: The performance is stable, and the folding is still not deformed after 10 million times.

Package Content:
1x variant

Weight 240.0 oz
Dimensions 430 × 430 × 30 in

Headrest, 3pcs suit, Backrest, Cushion


Brown, Big red, Gray, Beige, Blue, Black, Crimson, Orange, Green

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