Tail light patch

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1. Remove the rear lamp lens.
2. Repair lens cracks with lens repair tape. Using tape is only a temporary solution. You bought tape or a lens repair kit with resin, and you covered the crack to make it waterproof. Water again.
Answer: You need to clean and dry the area where you want to stick the tape. Just before adding the tape, wipe the area with a lint-free cloth and moisten it with alcohol, then let it dry before applying the tape. Do not use glass cleaner to clean the area because the ammonia in the glass cleaner can make the tape look unsatisfactory. The last scrubbing with alcohol will remove most of the impurities and leave a clean surface.
B: Measure the size of the crack, and cut the tape slightly larger than the damage to the lens.
C: Remove the protective coating from the tape.

D: Make the bubbles smooth when sticking the tape to prevent the bubbles from deforming the lens.7336017112_13799494247355501416_13799494247355453920_13799494247336011205_1379949424S17346101857_1379949424

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