Touch screen car Bluetooth MP3 player

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Introduction to the basic functions of the product
* TDA7388 power amplifier IC;
* Off-time display function; ultra-clear without highlight the big screen!
* True high power 4 * 60W output;
* AUX audio input, can be mobile phone, MP3 / MP4 / MP5 / navigation and other audio through the machine in the car to play;
* A key to mute, remote control and the machine has a key mute button, convenient occasions need;
* Support file playback function, you can classify songs as pop songs, classical songs, wives like songs, children like songs to create a different folder in the memory card for easy to play inside;
* Support MP3 / WMA high fidelity lossless audio format
* Support large capacity SD card / MM card, U disk and other memory playback;
* Electronic tuned radio function, automatic collection, save Taiwan to support power failure memory;
* Vehicle regulation LED display technology, showing super bright, but glossy soft, not dazzling;
* Power off memory function, memory power when the radio or music playback status;
* Front and rear left and right / left and right channel isolation;
* A variety of EQ sound scene selection: jazz, rock, pop, classical, etc .;
* High and low around the front and rear tone adjustment, easy to enjoy HI-FI car audio and video effects;
* Philip professional-grade car-mounted radio module;
* DC 12V power supply
* Multiple circuit protection test (overload, overvoltage, short circuit)
* Size: width 17.8 cm. Height 5 cm, depth 13.5 cm;
  Plus the border size: width 18.8 cm, height 5.8 cm, depth 13.5 cm;  

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